Melkote / Thirunarayanapuram – Yoga Narasimha Swamy / Sri Cheluva Narayana Swamy Temple (மேல்கோட்டை / திருநாராயணபுரம்)

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Melkote or Melkottai or Thirunarayanapuram (Karnataka) houses two distinct temples viz. Yoga Narasimhaswamy Temple (atop a hillock) and Sri Cheluva Narayana Swamy Temple. (திரு நாராயண பெருமாள்). Melkote has close linkage with Sri Ramanujar. Sri Ramanujar lived here for about 12 … Continue reading

Sholingur Yoga Narasimha Swamy (சோளிங்கர்)

Yet another time, the Perumal gave us an oppurtunity to have darshan of Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy and Sri Yoga Anjaneya Swamy Temple – Sholingur.

Location :
Sholingur is around 120 KMs from Chennai (Guindy) near Arakkonam. Several routes are there to reach Sholingur and some of the popular routes are.

By Car
1. Poonamallee – Sunguvar Chathiram – Vellai Gate (Kanchi outer) – Kaveripakkam – Sholingur
2. Poonamallee – Sunguvar Chathiram – Vellai Gate (Kanchi outer) – Arakkonam – Sholingur
3. Poonamallee – Sunguvar Chathiram – Madhuramangalam – Parandhur – Thirumalpur – Arakkonam – Sholingur
4. Poonamallee – Thandalam ( MP Distilleries) – Narasingapuram – Perambakkam – Arakkonam – Sholingur
5. Poonamallee – Thiruvallur – Tiruttani – Sholingur

Of the lot, Route 1 and 2 are good, as we can travel in Bangalore Highway for most of the distance.
Route 3, has advantage of visiting Madhuramangalam Embar Swamy temple
Route 4, has advantage of visiting Narasingapuram Narasimha Swamy Temple
Route 5, has advantage of visiting Thiruallur Sri Veraragava Perumal Temple
In general, all the roads above are equally good.

By Train
Train is the best choice of public transport from Chennai to Sholingur. Plenty of local trains are there between Chennai Central – Arakkonam. Arakkonam Bus stand is around 1 km from Railway station. From Arakkonam, plenty of buses are there to Sholingur ( 30 Km). We can get down at Temple foothill itself ( Thakkan Kulam / Konda palayam). Though, Sholingur itself has a railway station, it is nearly 10 km away from the town.

By Bus

As direct buses to Arakkonam are less from Chennai, we can try via Tiruttani or Kanchipuram.


Sholingur is also known as Kadigachalam ( Thirukkadigai. திருக்கடிகை) The name Kadigachalam came as the Lord gave darsan to the Saptharishi for a kadigai time (approximately 24 minutes ) and gave mukthi. It means that if one stays at this place for a Kadigai time and prays the lord, all his sins will go away. Chalam denotes Hill. Hence this place is known as Kadigachalam. He gave darshan to Baktha Prahalatha also in Yoga posture. Thirumangai and Pey azhvar worshipped this place with their pasuram and hence it is one of the oldest Temples. Vaishnava teachers denote this place as Chozhasimhapuram (சோழசிங்கபுரம்) also linking it with Chozha King Karikalan.

There is a small window opposite to Lord Narasimha’s sannidhi at Big Hill, through which the Lord gives darshan to Yoga Anjeneya Swamy at Small Hill. Yoga Narasimhar is facing east and the Small Hill is at the eastern side of the Big Hill.

Lord Anjeneya who is also in yoga posture said to have helped Indrathymna Maharaja in killing the Arakkan Nikumban and saved his country. .It happened on a Sunday and hence evey Sunday is an important one for Sri Anjaneyar here. People take a bath in the Chakkra Theertham in the uphill of Chinna malai and worship the Lord.

Pasurangal (Hymn by Azhwargal)

Yoga Narasimhaswamy Temple is one amongst 108 Vaishnava Divya Desam and Thirukkadigai is the 64th.

திருமங்கையாழ்வார் (1731, 1736)
மிக்கானை மறையாய் விரிந்த விளக்கை என்னுள்
புக்கானைப் புகழ்சேர் பொலிகின்ற பொன்மலையை
தக்கானைக் கடிகைத் தடங்குன்றின் மிசையிருந்த
அக்காரக் கனியை அடைந்துய்ந்து போனேனே. (2) 8.9.4

கண்ணார் கண்ணபுரம் கடிகை கடிகமழும்
தண்ணார் தாமரைசூழ் தலைச்சங்க மேல்திசையுள்
விண்ணோர் நாண்மதியை விரிகின்ற வெஞ்சுடரை
கண்ணாரக் கண்டுகொண்டு களிக்கின்றதிங் கென்றுகொலோ. (2) 8.9.9

பண்டெல்லாம் வேங்கடம் பாற்கடல் வைகுந்தம்,
கொண்டங் குறைவார்க்குக் கோயில்போல், – வண்டு
வளங்கிளரும் நீள்சோலை வண்பூங் கடிகை,
இளங்குமரன் றன்விண் ணகர். (2) 61

Our trip

We left Chennai around 5.30 a.m on a Saturday, in our Swift. Reached Sholingur by 7.20 a.m and we went through route no. 3. After Sunguvar chatthiram, it was a pleasant morning drive through paddy fields and villages. Road was really good and we could comfortably cruise at 60 Kmph. Unlike our last trip, road between Arakkonam and Sholingur was well laid and we reached Sholingur – Thakkan Kulam, in less than 2 hours time.

Temple management has facilities for Tonsure, Dress change and Wash facilities at Thakkan Kulam (Amirtha Theertham). On the other side of the Pond, Sri Varadaraja Swamy temple is there. After having holy sprinkles from Thakkan Kulam, we proceeded to Foot hill of Periya Malai (Big hill). From Thakkan Kulam, it is alomst one KM to reach the foot hill of Periya Malai. Plenty of share autos are there. Good facilities are made available by the Temple management for Car parking and toilets for Bhakthas. Though Thulasi Malai and Flowers were available in the foothill, we didn’t buy anything. We have our previous experience wherein all these flowers (including Thulasi malai) were grabbed by the Monkeys while climbing up. Hence, we have brought Rock candy (கல்கண்டு) which can be hidden in our Shirt / Pant pocket easily. And, we took a stick from a local shop, to keep away the monkeys while climbing up.

It is my suggestion not to keep anything like bag, fruits, water bottle etc. in hand as it would be difficult to get along with monkeys. It always reminds me of the saying “as we acquire more, we spend more time of us to secure them”. So, it’s better to be empty or little to be comfortable and we won’t be distracted (not only by monkeys).

Periya Malai is 400 feet high and has 1305 steps in total. Those who cannot climb up by foot, “Dolis” are available. Charges vary and it appears to be a minimum of Rs.2000 ( Two thousands) per person. One can get it in the foothill itself.

We started climbing up, after having darshan of “Veera Anjaneya Swamy”. Being a couch potato, climbing up was not so easier. Within 150 steps, felt exhausted. It reminded me of my previous experienc in Tirumala, wherein climbing upto Kali Gopuram (around 1300 steps) used to be the toughest. Having known that we had to climb up for 1300 steps in Sholingur, it was like a target to be achieved.(Realatively lesser one to me comparing Tirumala). For every 100 steps, numbering has been done in the steps. It motivates us to indicate how much we travelled and how much is left out. It is common to see many asking others “how many steps are left out?”. Everyone will reach the destination for sure but we want to know how far is that ? As we climb upto 300 steps, refreshment stalls and toilets are available. Monkeys are aplenty but they just ignore those who don’t have anything. Being Saturday, good numbers of bhakthas were there. As we climb up, gradually crowd becoming lesser, as many of them taking rest at different intervals. As we reached 500 steps, there was no one in the vicinity, including the monkeys. It reminded me of the saying ” problems (are) appears to be plenty and bigger in the beginning and as we tide over them with confidence, they are no longer a problem to us”. Good that water facility is available then and there.

Throughout, I could see people of different ages with different abilities were climbing up. Age, gender, ability… nothing was a barrier to them. All were united in a mission… to climb up to worship the Lord. When I saw men and women in the age of 60s climbing up patiently with walking sticks, it was a great feel. As we have to exert energy to climb up, there is no way to any other distractions. A battery of kids, chanting “govinda govinda”, kept our tempo up. We too mingled with them. One of the devotees, in the age of late 60s, told me that he climbs up to have darshan every Saturday. He added further that every Friday night they start from Krishnagiri, reache the Temple the Saturday morning, have a dip in Thakkan kulam, have darshan of both the temples, then leave for Krishnagiri back in the evening. I asked him, whether do you have any specific prayer or need? He replied me smilingly, nothing. HE gave us strength to do this and we are doing it. That’s all. I was speechless. Is it called as sincerity? Is it the one “performing the duty without expecting the benefits? as told in Gita. As we sweat more, I felt worries were also going out and I was feeling light. The moment we realise that we are (have) nothing, we become light. As we shed our weight (desire), we are becoming lighter. When we have nothing, nothing else can distract us. All these questions and thoughts filled my mind.. By then, I was in the hill top.

Understood that Samprokshanam has been carried out recently. Thanks to the Bhakthas, who contributed for “roofing” of the steps. Otherwise, when I climbed up this hill for the first time, 15 years ago in a hot summer evening, it was open and was very difficult to climb up with bare foot. Today, it is fully covered. Although, last few steps were steeper, in less than 40 minutes, we reached the hill top. I just sat down for 10 minutes in cool breeze before proceeding for darshan.

As we seen in many temples, here also, free and paid darshans are available. As we do normally, we stood at free darshan queue. Surprisingly, no one in the queue talked and there was a pin drop silence. Having climbed up 1300 steps, one cannot think about anything else than the Lord. I believe, our ancestors have intentionally developed temples in such places to converge our thoughts towards the divinity. We reserve and preserve energy to worship and pray the lord and to climb down. So, there is no way to think and do anything else.

Unlike the other temples, no one pulled us while having ‘darshan’. Hope, it could be because of lesser number of devotees. It is good to note that queue has been made in such a way that we have to worship the Thaayaar first and then to workship the Narasimhar. This is being practiced by Vaishnavites. So, we had a very good darshan of Sri Amrudhavalli Thaayaar (ஸ்ரீ அம்ருதவல்லித் தாயார்). Same way, we had a peaceful darshan of Sri Yoga Narasimhar also. Sri Yoga Narasimhar is found in Veetru Irundha (sitting posture) kolam facing his thirumugham towards East direction. This time, we could sit in front of the sannidhi for about 20 minutes and chant Sri Vishnu sahasranaman unlike the earlier times, when we have to come out of the sannidhi immediately due to thronging people.

There is a paid “prasadham stall” where we can get Curd rice, Tamarind rice, Sweet Pongal etc. We had a little of prasadhams and sat for about 20 min. Though the mercury was rising, cool breeze kept us light, sweeping away the sweat. As we wanted to have darshan of Yoga Anjaneyar before noon, we started climbing down. Due to its elevation, it is not so easier to climb down fast, unlike Tirumala hills. So, we need to carefully keep our steps and in less than 20 minutes, we were at foothills.

It was 11.00 a.m and it’s the time to go to Chinna Malai, to have darshan of Sri Yoga Anjaneyar. Chinna malai is hardly 500 metres apart, which is at a walkable distance. There also a small pond and few choultries. I felt, that area was little crowder.

Chinna Malai (Little hill)is 200 feet high and has 406 steps to climb up. Though the steps are lesser, it is steeper. Here also, monkeys are aplenty. Steps are fully covered with roof and there is no worry about sun and rain. In less than 20 minutes, we climbed up. Our body is now tuned to this task and so we climbed up at ease. There is a pond (Chakra Theertham) in the top, well maintained. Have a peaceful darshan of Yoga Anjaneyar. Here, Anajaneyar is west facing, worshipping Yoga Narasimha Swamy. Abiding by the Lord’s wishes, Anjaneya is said to have remained here with four hands( Chathurbhuja Anjaneyar) in a Yoga posture with Changu and Chakram (Conch, Chakra) Jaba Maalai and the fourth hand with a Jaba Sankai( counting the Jabam).There are separate sannidhi for Sri Ranganathar and Sri Ramar adjacent to Anjaneya swamy. This temple appears to be bigger than Yoga Narasimha Swamy.

We sat there for about 20 min and it was almost 12 noon. It’s the time to climb down. While climbing down, legs were slightly shaky, as it was steeper. In less than 15 minutes, we were at the foothill.

Town Temple

In the downtown, nearby bus stand, Sri Aadhi Kesava Perumal Temple is there wherein the Uthsava Moorthy Sri Bakthavatsala Perumal (Thakkan) resides. There is a sannadhi for Adikesava Perumal behind the uthsavar. There are also sanndahis for Andal, Erumbiyappa and Thottachariyar. Amruthavalli Thaayaar from uphill visits this temple in Puratasi and stays here with Bhakatvatsala Perumal for two months( Purattasi and Aippasi). On the first day of karthigai, Thaayaar returns uphill.

While returning to Chennai, we drove via Route #2. Around 2.30 p.m we reached Vellai Gate (kanchipuram). Had Lunch at renowned Hotel Sakthi Ganapathy and reached chennai by 4.00 p.m.


Note : I didn’t stay in any of these places and I have no idea about the quality and service levels. However, being given as a reference to those who are in search of lodges at Sholingur.
1. C.A.M. Lodge – Near Thakkan Kulam ( Rs.400 for twin sharing non A/C room)
2. Sri Yoga Narasimha Guest House – Near Thakkan Kulam ( Mobile – 9444473034)
3. Sudarsan Guest House – Near Foot hill – 9489514533
4. Temple run Guest houses –

Few shops are available in the Foot hill.
Hotel Aryas, near Koot road (Thakkan Kulam) is said to be the good Vegetarian Hotel in the neaby.

General Information

1. Toilets and Drinking water facility is available in the foot hill, midway and uphill of the Periya Malai.
2. Other than winter, it is better to have darshan in the morning hours, as it is too hot
3. Karthigai month ( especially karthikai sundays) may likely to be crowder than other months.

Historic Temples in the nearby

1. Tiruttani Murugan Temple – 38 KM

2. Thiruvallur Sri Veeraragava Perumal ( 108 Divya Desa Kshethram) – 84 Km

3. Narasingapuram (Perambakkam) Sri Narasimha Swamy – 52 Km

4. Madhuramangalam ( Sunguvar Chattiram) Embar Swamy Temple – 57 Km

5. Thirupparkadal ( Kaveripakkam) Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal and Ranganathar Temples,  – 30 Km

6. Kooram Sri Adhi Kesava Perumal And Sri Kooratthazhwar (Birthplace) Temple – 46 km

7. Thirupputkuzhi (Balu Chetti Chaththiram) Sri Vijaya Ragava Perumal ( 108 Divya Desa Kshethram) – 48 Km

Sl. 3 & 4 are enroute to Chennai via Thakkolam – Permabakkam ( Route no. 4)

Sl. 5, 6 & 7 are enroute to Chennai via Kaveripakkam ( Route no. 1)

Reference to similar blogs for more information about Sthala Puranam and History of the temple

Foothill - Thakkan Kulam ( தக்கான் குளம்)

Foothill – Thakkan Kulam ( தக்கான் குளம்)

Foothill - Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple

Foothill – Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple

Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple - Big Hill ( பெரிய மலை)

Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple – Big Hill ( பெரிய மலை)

Temple Timings

Temple Timings

Atop the Hill ( பெரிய மலை உச்சியில்)

Atop the Hill ( பெரிய மலை உச்சியில்)

Sri Yoga Anchaneyar )Sthala Puranam (சின்ன மலை ஸ்ரீ யோக ஆஞ்சநேயர் ஸ்தல புராணம்)

Sri Yoga Anchaneyar )Sthala Puranam (சின்ன மலை ஸ்ரீ யோக ஆஞ்சநேயர் ஸ்தல புராணம்)

Narasingapuram (நரசிங்கபுரம்)

சென்னைக்கு அருகே உள்ள பழமையான வைணவ ஸ்தலங்களில் நரசிங்கபுரமும் அவசியம் தரிசிக்க வேண்டிய ஒன்று.

தூரம் : சென்னையில் (கிண்டியில்) இருந்து 49 KM

கிண்டி – தண்டலம் (25  KM ), தண்டலம் – கூவம் (20  KM ), கூவம் – பேரம்பாக்கம் ( 2  KM )

 வழி : சென்னையில் இருந்து பூந்தமல்லி வழியாக பெங்களூர்

ஹைவேயில், தண்டலத்தில் (MP distillaries )  இருந்து வலது புறம் திரும்பி பேரம்பாக்கம் வழியாக அரக்கோணம் செல்லும் சாலையில் செல்ல வேண்டும்.

1. பேரம்பாக்கம் வழி தக்கோலம் / அரக்கோணம் செல்லும் பஸ்சில் நரசிங்கபுரம் பஸ் ஸ்டாப்பில் இறங்கி, சுமார் 1 KM தூரத்தில் கோவிலை அடையலாம். பேரம்பாக்கம் வரை நல்ல தார் சாலை அமைக்கப்ப் பட்டுள்ளது.  (அல்லது)

2  .  கூவம்  கூவம் பஸ் ஸ்டாப்பில் இருந்து  2 KM வயல்களின்  நடுவே   இயற்கையை ரசித்தவாறே நடந்து செல்லலாம். இந்த சாலை, காரில் செல்ல சற்று சுமார்தான்.  கூவம் பஸ் ஸ்டாப்பில் இருந்து ஷேர்  ஆட்டோ  வசதி உண்டு. பூந்தமல்லியில் இருந்து கோவில் வரை நேரடி பஸ் வசதியும்  உண்டு. (தடம் எண் 591 ). முதல் பஸ் காலை 6 .15  மணிக்கு. 

மூலவர் : லக்ஷ்மி நரசிம்ஹர்

உத்சவர் : பிரஹலாத வரதர்

தாயார்    : மரகதவல்லி

வரலாறு  : இந்த க்ஷேத்ரம் 16வது நூற்றாண்டில் கட்டப்பட்டதாகக் கூறப்படுகிறது. மூலவர் ஏழரை அடி உயரத்தில் மகாலக்ஷ்மியை இடது துடை மீதமர்த்தி சாந்த ஸ்வரூபியாக அருள் பாலிக்கிறார். பெருமாளுக்கு கல்யாண லக்ஷ்மி நரசிம்ஹர் என்ற பெயரும் உண்டு.  தாயாரின் பார்வை முழுவதும் பக்தர்களைப் பார்த்தவாறு இருப்பது இத்தலத்தின் தனிச் சிறப்பு. சமீபத்தில் ஸ்ரீ அஹோபில மடம் 45ஆவது பட்டம் ஸ்ரீமத்  அழகிய சிங்கர் விஜயம் செய்து மங்களாஸாசனம் செய்துள்ளார் என்று கோயில் குறிப்பேடு சொல்கிறது.

“நாளை என்பது நரசிம்ஹனிடத்தில் இல்லை” என்பது  இத்தலத்திற்கு மிகவும் பொருந்தும். ஏனெனில் இத்தலம்    உடனுக்குடன் பலன் தரும் பெருமை பெற்ற செவ்வாய் தோஷ பரிகார ஸ்தலம் ஆகும்.   பெரிய திருவடி (கருடாழ்வார்) சுமார் 4 அடி உயரத்தில் 16 நாகங்களை அணிந்து இருப்பதால் நாக தோஷ பரிகார ஸ்தலமாகவும் விளங்குகிறது

அந்திப் பொழுதில் ஸ்வாதி நக்ஷத்திரத்தில் அவதரித்த நரசிம்ஹரை, தொடர்ந்து 9 ஸ்வாதி நக்ஷத்திர தினத்தில் சேவித்து வர தீராத கடன், நோய் நொடி, கல்யாணத்தடை போன்றவை நிவர்த்தி ஆகும் என்பது சிறப்பு.

 மரகதவல்லித் தாயார் ஸந்நிதி  பிரகாரத்தில் தனியே உள்ளது. முழு அலங்காரத்தில் தாயாரை தரிசிக்கக் கண் கோடி வேண்டும்.

சக்கரத்தாழ்வார், ஆண்டாள் மற்றும்  ராமருக்கும் தனித் தனியே ஸந்நிதிகள் அமைக்கப் பட்டுள்ளது. ஆஞ்சநேயர் ஸந்நிதி கோவிலுக்கு வெளியே பெருமாளைப் பார்த்தவாறு அமைந்துள்ளது.

 குறிப்பு :  சனிக்கிழமை மற்றும் விசேஷ நாட்களில் கோவில் வாசலில் அர்ச்சனைத் தட்டு, புஷ்பம் போன்றவை கிடைக்கும். பிற நாட்களில் செல்வோர், புஷ்பம் போன்றவற்றை பிற ஊர்களிலிருந்து வாங்கிச் செல்வது உசிதம்.  கோவிலை ஒட்டி “கோசாலை”யும் பராமரிக்கப்பட்டு வருகிறது. அகத்தி கீரை கிடைக்கும் பட்சத்தில் பசுக்களுக்குக் கொடுக்கலாம்.

நடை திறந்திருக்கும் நேரம் : காலை 7.30 – 12.௦௦ மணி, மாலை 4 .30 – 8.௦௦ மணி வரை. (விசேஷ காலங்களில் மாறக் கூடும்)

மேலும் விவரங்களுக்கு  : ஸ்ரீ லக்ஷ்மி நரசிம்ஹஸ்வாமி சேவா சபா டிரஸ்ட், நரசிங்கபுரம், பேரம்பாக்கம் வழி, திருவள்ளூர் மாவட்டம், 613402 ,

மொபைல் : 9442585638

அருகில் உள்ள வைஷ்ணவ கோவில்கள்   : 

 1. மதுரமங்கலம் ( சுமார் 15  KM  ) — ஸ்ரீ கமலவல்லி தாயார் ஸமேத  வைகுண்ட பெருமாள் கோவில்.  எம்பார்   ஸ்வாமிகளின் அவதார ஸ்தலம் ஆகும். 

மப்பேடு கூட்டு  ரோட்டிலிருந்து வலது புறம் திரும்பி சுங்குவார் சத்திரம்  செல்லும் வழியில் 5  KM தொலைவில் ,  வலது புறம் செல்லும்  சாலையில்    சுமார் 7  KM   சென்று கோவிலை அடையலாம்.

2  . திருவள்ளூர் (சுமார் 20  KM ) – ஸ்ரீ வீரராகவ பெருமாள் கோவில்

3  . ஸ்ரீ பெரும்புதூர் ( சுமார் 20 KM ) – ஸ்ரீ ஆதி கேசவ பெருமாள் கோவில்